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Unfortunately, movie reviews claim that this summer?s movies were a disappointment. There was lots of money made ($4.35 billion) but few tickets sold ? under in the past ten years. Increases in ticket prices, particularly because 3D movies hiked up ticket prices, comprised for the bigger bottom line. However, there weren?t many people who went to the films.

That?s because there weren?t a great deal of good new movies this summer. There were a few good new movie releases: ?Toy Story 3? and ?Inception? were successful. In general, every new movie release was so uninspiring that many people bothered to travel out on the movies.

Things are looking a lot more inspiring within this second section of the year. In this spring of fall and winter movies there ought to be something for anyone. There are action movies, family movies, Oscar worthy dramas, plus some spicy comedies coming up in the next third of year.

Here are ten titles, presented so as of release that will make the holidays a little more fun:

10. The Fighter

This can be a drama about boxer Micky ?Irish? Ward, some sort of light welterweight contender with his fantastic half brother Dicky, a boxer/trainer who's coming back after nearly being killed by drugs.

9. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage in the Dawn Treader

Here we return to the world of C.S. Lewis aboard the Dawn Treader, the Narnian ship. Five of Lewis? characters, Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, cousin Eustace, King Caspian and warrior mouse Reepicheep are swallowed into a painting and aboard the ship the Dawn Treader. And the fate of Narnia depends upon their mission. The voyagers go to strange islands along with a golden river and meet and confront magical creatures and enemies too. They then use a reunion making use of their old friend, Asian, the Great Lion.

8. Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear is a showcase for everybody? tourist campany s favorite Bear, Yogi. Mayor Brown decides that since Jellystone Park is performing poorly, financially speaking, it should be shut down and the land sold. Now only will families not be able to enjoy Jellystone?s pure beauty but Yogi and buddy BooBoo will likely be out of your house. So Yogi, BooBoo, and old enemy, Ranger Smith, band together to prove that Yogi is ?smarter compared to the average bear? since they attempt to save Jellystone Park from closure.

7. TRON: Legacy

Kevin Flynn may be gone for twenty five years and his awesome twenty seven year old son, Sam, finds himself planning search of his father and drawn in the gladiator games and scary programs that his father has been living with. Kevin, Sam, and Sam?s loyal friend, carry on a life-threatening journey in to a stunning cyber universe that continually gets to be more advanced and dangerous.

6. Little Fockers

Greg is finally achieving a lot with his father-in-law, Jack, after ten years and two youngsters with wife Pam. When Greg has a job having a drug company, Jack is sure that his suspicions about Greg are being borne out. When the whole family ? Greg?s and Pam?s ? get together to celebrate the little one?s birthday (including Pam?s ex-boyfriend, Kevin), Greg must persuade Jack that he can man up and be the head of household. The question is, will Greg prove himself or will Jack mistrust him forever?

5. Tangled

Rapunzel is often a princess who had previously been stolen from her parents? castle being a baby. She now lives kept in a tower and searching for some adventure in their own life. Along comes a bandit who helps her embark on an exciting escapade. Rapunzel?s secret royal heritage, adventures while using bandit, some heart, some humor and lots and plenty of hair soon add up to a fun story.

4. Black Swan

Natalie Portman plays, Nina, a ballerina who dances having a New York City ballet company and her life is totally consumed by dance. She lives with her mother, played by Barbara Hershey, who is really a former ballerina obsessed with the dance. She exerts total control over Nina. When the director from the ballet decides to substitute Nina for your prima ballerina, played by Winona Ryder, in the opening of their new season of Swan Lake, Nina?s competitors are Lily. To dance the lead in Swan Lake, the ballerina must be capable to play innocent as well as sensual. Nina is often a great White Swan but Lily is a tourist campany great Black Swan. As Lily and Nina become friends, Nina grows more familiar with all the more base characteristics of her personality which threatens being her destruction.

3. Love and Other Drugs

Maggie and Jamie mesh in the concept of pharmaceutical drug sales. They soon find themselves involved using the drug of love.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Hogwarts is not a safe haven for Harry and the crew as Voldemort tightens his control with the Muggles and the world in the wizards. Harry thinks that the castle could have become a dangerous place and Dumbledore prepares him for your final battle which will quickly be upon them. Dumbledore believes that his old buddy Professor Horace Slughorn is the holder of important info about what?s going on. One student stays from things while he means to make his dark mark about the world. Both love and tragedy lie ahead and Hogwarts will quickly change.

1. The Tourist

Johnny Depp could be the star of this movie. Intrigue, danger, and romance can become his nemesis in The tourist campany (like this), after he has a playful romance with a stranger. Frank (Depp), takes a trip to Europe to forget a bad love affair and meets Elise, with whom he involves himself in an encounter that has become engineered by Elise. A terrible game of cat and mouse ensues through Paris and Vienna as their romance evolves.

for additional information regarding New movies and The Dark Knight, check out moviesoffice.com


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